Web Advice.org is an honest resource for those looking for and needing help in building, hosting and marketing their website. 

We like to say that there is no Wal-Mart of web design or internet marketing, no one company that is nationally branded in web design, search engine optimization, hosting and internet marketing to set a standard in which to measure and judge by.  Many small and medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the time or technical skills to take on these tasks themselves and therefore have to rely on hiring a web designers, marketers, web masters and find a hosting company, a daunting task for those that are even slightly technically inclined.

Where do you start? What skills and qualifications do you look for? What do all these technical terms mean? What kind of website do I need? What is a fair price in today’s outsourced market? With out understanding what to look for and how to judge a prospective company you can’t safely hire a companies that ensure you get the end result you want without loosing money, time or damaging your company.  Web Advice intends to be this tool to provide the information you need to make educated and safe decisions. 

Our goal is to be a reliable resource available on the internet that you can trust to provide objective and honest information for those needing guidance to bring their business to the internet.