QR Codes – Get Ready North America!

QR codes have been popular in Asia for a long time but are finally creeping their way into North America as we all move to smartphones that have “an app for that”.

Pinnacle Cart has recently issued an update to their cart that now includes a QR generator that will automatically generate QR codes for any product page which can now be used in emails, print media and more.

QR codes are starting to make their way into print media now helping to spur their popularity.  They are slowly being seen on business cards and in shopping malls for maps and discounts.  But there is a world of opportunity for QR codes.  I just read a great blog from 1stwebdesigner.com with 10 Cool and Inspiring Uses for QR Codes. There are some great ideas there from T-shirts to uses within products.  It’s a great starting point for some inspiration on how to work them to get found and increase sales.