Can I Still Have Flash in an iPhone Age?

The short answer is YES!!!

Steve Jobs definitely made waves in the web design world when he announced that iPhone and iPad would not accept Flash.  In a nutshell he said HTML5 could do all the things Flash can do, like play videos, however that is just not the case.  Most people in the industry know that if Apple allowed the iPhone and iPad to play Flash the need for apps would decrease as people could play Flash games from the Safari browser and wouldn’t need to spend $1.99 for the latest Angry Birds.  In the end allowing their devices to play Flash would mean losing their cash cow – the money they make off apps.

Since the introduction and popularity of iPhone and iPad many clients have expressed that they just don’t want flash and want something that can be seen on these mobile devices.  That is not a problem, there are many nice Javascript functions out there for slideshows and more, but they just aren’t Flash! Flash can animate more than just the graphic in the slide, it can interact with the visitor with mouse over effects and can animate the different elements within the graphic that make it MUCH more eye catching.  It can show and tell more in that space than Javascript or J-Query could possibly show.

So I said “Yes”, you can still  have Flash, but how?  There is a wonderful script we are testing out that has worked on pretty much every device we have tested and looks to be very promising.  It allows for Flash on the webpage, but if the script detects a device without a Flash player than it automatically substitutes a graphic in it’s place.   People on an iPhone or iPad see a nice graphic with the whole message, those on a standard computer, laptop or netbook get to see the Flash.

A great way to have your cake and eat it too.

PS I plan to have a working example for you soon.