Is Bing Anything to Get Excited Over?

Well as more and more of our clients are seeing and hearing about the “new” Bing search engine from Microsoft I’ve had quite a few questions.  The biggest question is of course that we will include it in our SEO work, which of course we do.

However, from everything I’ve witnessed about Bing after trying it out and after viewing the first SEO ranking reports to come out since Bing’s launch as far as I’m seeing it, it’s the same crap, just a new box.  If it were a product in a grocery store sitting on the shelf they couldn’t even legally call it “new and improved” as nothing essentially has changed except the home page.

The rankign results for all our clients were the same in MSN as they were in the release of Bing.  What does that essentially mean?  Nothing changed, it’s not a new algorithm.  Microsoft as usual just doesn’t get it.  People don’t go to Google because of a nice simple home page and they aren’t going to win people over by calling it a “decision” engine or any other flashy glitz.  People go to Google and stay with Google because they give relavent top ten rankings – plain and simple.  By not changing the algorithm they are not addressing the major reason why they have fallen from 12 % market share to 7% – their results are terrible and people waste valuable time trying to find what they are looking for.

Sure the flash and glitz and multimillion dollar advertising campaign will get visitors to their site, but quickly people will realize that the top ten results are still junk and they will ultimately go back to what works – Google.  Why else would they currently hold 80% market share?